Warm up or Stretching?

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August 21, 2018
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Warm up or Stretching?

“Does warm up or stretching really prevent muscle soreness?”, this may be the most common question one would ask apart from which comes first between the two as stated in an article from U.S. News Health last August 20, 2018.

Warm up and stretching are deemed as two essentials for pre and post workout activities. These two are expected to keep one safe and away from the risks of body stress specifically in one’s heart.

Should I do warm up or stretching?


The answer is, do both.

Before doing your daily grind, we have to consider our body’s inertia. Our body does not own an abrupt switch from zero to hero. That means one must know the best way to gradually set the body’s temperature into the right heat to push oneself in doing the workout routines — this is why a warm-up is designed as a vital pre-workout activity.  

On one hand, a stretching helps a lot in improving one’s flexibility. It allows the body to perform a range of movement by supporting our muscle groups by placing it in a high degree of plasticity. Usually, a stretching is performed as a post-workout activity, following the cool down phase.

Sometimes, these two would go together as there are routines coined as warm-up stretching. It has the ability to heat up your body in preparation for your workout routine or sports activity too.

There are two types of warm-up and stretching exercises — dynamic and static.

From the word itself, static pertains to putting your bodies to rest. Static warm-up or stretching pertains to movements which are minimal and performed by holding a specific position for some seconds — think of the traditional ‘sit and stretch’ routine.

Dynamic, on one hand, refers to continuous movements which warm up your temperature and activate your muscles to perform bigger routines.

Warm up routine suggestions

Basically, a warm-up takes three to five minutes long. But if you are doing some extreme sports, you should allow more minutes doing this pre-workout activity.

Here are some suggested warm-up routines that you can do:


Stretching routine suggestions


Think of the chances of injury after a strenuous workout. This is one of the main reasons people should do a post-workout stretching routine to kick back the recovery of the muscle and above all, improve one’s flexibility.

Here are some suggested stretching routines that you can do:


Some people are already flexible and some are trying to still develop flexibility so may be able to walk through life without suffering the pains inflicted by a strength training.


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