Walking and Light Activity For Better Health

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June 6, 2019
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January 8, 2020

Walking and Light Activity For Better Health

Walking and Light Activity for better Health - Revicore
Walking and Light Activity For Better Health - Revicore

We know that physical activity contributes to better health. That’s why we try with all our might to toss in a few minutes of walking, jogging or light workouts into our daily activities. For us who cannot commit to a rigorous workout, we often opt for walking and light activities. But, despite our efforts, we still do not get the results expected or that we aren’t as healthy as we want to be. So here are a few things you can do to maximize your walking and light activities.

How walking and light activities contribute to Better Health

How walking and light activities contribute to Better Health - Revicore

Keeping a sedentary lifestyle at this age and time is very tempting with technology either keeping us entertained or doing things for us. We reserve walking only when we open the door for our food delivery or when we feel guilty for not doing it more often. But, here’s a list of why we should be getting off from our couches and sweating it up a little by walking or some other light activities:

  • Improve heart health;
  • Lower the blood pressure;
  • Keep you away from stroke;
  • Strengthen the muscle and the bones;
  • Help lose weight through calorie burning;
  • Bolster the immune system;
  • Maintains a healthy insulin level; and
  • Enhances brain activity.

Tips for effective walking and light activities

  • Warm-up and cool-down
Warm up and Cool down - Revicore

Warming-up and cooling-down are two processes you can’t do away even in walking and light exercises no matter how taunting these activities are. Warming-up allows you to stimulate blood flow in your muscles, minimizing soreness later on. Cooling-down after an exercise regulate blood flow to normal levels.  

  • Go to exciting places
Go to Exciting Places - Revicore

You cannot immediately see or feel the benefits of walking. That is why it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to keep up the activity. To inspire you to walk more, find new (but safe) routes every week or choose the best hours and day to see certain places. It will not only keep you fit but also feeds your wanderlust!

  • Mix exercise activities
Mix Exercises - Revicore

Your light exercises don’t have to be exclusive to a single type of physical activity. For example, if your main workout is walking, you can make it extra exciting by adding a few lunges or squats. Take a few minutes from your walk and do lunges or squats in areas with great views!

  • Increase time
Closeup of hand holding stopwatch

As you get comfortable in your walking routine, record the time and distance covered you’ve covered. After a couple of weeks try to beat your records to gradually challenge your physical capacities as you continue with your exercise.

We have to remember that maintaining good health involves a lot of factors more than just the exercise aspect. Apart from these activities you also have to consider your lifestyle, diet, environment and other factors that affect your health.

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