Silvia Martinez

Darrell Bolden
June 18, 2018
Avocado Benefits
Top 5 Health Benefits of an Avocado
July 31, 2018

For a few years now I have been cutting foods out of my diet and adding them back in and have experienced discomfort and sensitivity when I eat certain foods. I’ll feel bloated and uncomfortable To the point where my day is sometimes ruined. I follow a relatively clean diet but I do incorporate a cheat meal/day every week. I have tried probiotics and digestive supplements in the past and they haven’t really helped too much and are sometimes filled with unhealthy and unnecessary added ingredients. I’ve been using Revicore’s Enzyme Nutrition The Foundation for about four months now and it’s been sincerely the best thing for my body and my digestive health. My stomach is always flat. I rarely have any issues with discomfort and I feel like the nutrients from my foods are being absorbed by my body and being utilized. I feel more energized and I am overall content with this product. It is one of the cleanest products on the market being that they do not contain fillers. This is a high-quality product and I highly recommend it.

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