Relieve Stress by Relaxing Your Mind and Body

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August 13, 2018
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Relieve Stress by Relaxing Your Mind and Body

Let’s take a short pause here. Sometimes, we become too busy thinking about accomplishing our everyday to-do list and we tend to forget that we are not robots set in default mode to do the same things daily. Following the celebration of the national relaxation day last August 15th, it’s just right to discuss the importance of taking a moment to relieve stress by relaxing your mind and body.

What is Stress?

stressed at work

An entire week spent by rushing to beat the daily traffic and facing loads of paper works in the office can be completely draining. And doing the same routines daily, I guess we’re credited to asking how many times have you suffered from a severe headache caused by stress?

By definition, stress means the state of mental or emotional tension caused by several circumstances — usually the ones which are very demanding. But it can be both beneficial and harmful to your body.

The way that your body responds to stress may have the tendency to cope up with potential serious situations. This is through the hormones released which give your muscles the ability to respond abruptly. But too much of it can put your health to a toll by causing headaches, depression, anxiety, insomnia and even irritability.

With this, you are unable to fully be functional in your daily life. You may then realize how your body works in a seemingly automated mode while your mind is left in blank slate — an unhealthy bodily condition.

Five ways to Relieve Stress

Besides drinking lots of water, take three seconds to hold your breath and exhale as if you’re breathing out all of life’s stresses. This is just one way to get yourself to feel more relaxed. Our minds actually function better when we take time to relax.

Warm Bath.

Imagine the long day you’ve had today and ending it with a nice, warm bath. This bath meditation is actually one of the powerful stress relievers one can do especially when Aromatherapy products are incorporated into the water. This technique had been proven to soothe tired muscles and even calm one’s mind.

Good Music.


Music always has a way of taking us into an escape. So whether it be Pachelbel’s Canon in D major, Debussy’s Clair de Lune or even today’s rap or other pop music, depending on your taste, listening to a good music can ease out one’s stress. A research even from Dr. Lesiuk found that people who listen to music while working can perform well and come up with better ideas.




Based on the American Psychological Association research, writing has been long known as a powerful healing technique. Most people struggling with the troubles of life find writing as a way of expressing all their pains and anxieties.  Thus, writing is another effective way of relieving stress.

Magic Massage.


The magic of one’s touch basically soothes the body’s muscles and thus, relieving stress.  With this, you might want to schedule an appointment with the best masseuse you may know. There are actually different types of massage that are suited for different needs. Based on research, one of the best types of messages to go for once you’re in dire need of distress would be a Swedish massage. Others would also go for reflexology where therapists would apply pressure to specific points in one’s body to relieve any pain that you may have.

Supplements for your diet.


There’s always that cliche stating, “prevention is always better than cure”. One of the highly recommended ways you can do to dash away from being stressed out is to add a supplement like Revicore Rezen to your diet.


Relieve Stress with Rezen

Revicore Rezen

Revicore Rezen was created to beat the ongoing battle of people against the 21st-century stress which greatly affects one’s health. This dietary supplement supports the nervous system with gentle and natural ingredients. Thus, aiding the body in dealing with its reactions to stress.


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