The Important Benefits of Passion Flower (Aerial Part)

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The Important Benefits of Passion Flower (Aerial Part)


Captivating bluish and white petals with egg-size maypop fruit, the passion flower is beauty and practicability combined.  This perennial vine is a native of South America, but Spaniard explorers discovered the blossom. They observed a close representation of the death of Christ from its petals and sepals which symbolizes the apostles; the tendrils as the whip; and the rays of the petals is like the crown of thorns. Thus, the bloom is given the moniker ‘passion’ flower.

The flower is not only rich in history, but also abundant in its components and active ingredients as flavonoids, maltol,  indole alkaloids, coumarin, chrysin, and vitexin among others. All these come together to provide important health benefits for you.  

Passion Flower and its Benefits

For anxiety and depression


The nail-biting stress when you’re already in distress adds burden you could do without. In pre-surgery situations, it manifests in more pain. However, a study with pre-surgery patients shows that passion flower intake before the operation can decrease their anxiety levels. Thus, making it a potent medication for anxiousness and even depression. Passion flower, found to contain maltol and ethyl maltol, is responsible for calming the body’s nervous system and treats muscle spasms in high dosages. In addition, this passion vines even compares to the effects of an anti-anxiety drug, oxazepam.   

For insomnia


Insomnia isn’t just a mere symptom that you can take for granted as sleep deprivation can be seriously dangerous. For those who experience this nightly ordeal, a warm cup of passion flower tea can do the magic. The flora has hypnotic effects caused by the increase of your mind’s gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) leading to relaxation. It helps you sleep easily and maintain the sleeping state fighting against the sickness-inducing problem.

For high blood pressure

high blood pressure

Extracts of passion flower demonstrate efficiency in lowering blood pressure. There was an observable decrease of blood pressure of those with mild hypertension, and who has been drinking the tea concoction. A cup-size dosage of passiflora tea in your diet can help you regulate your blood for healthier bodily functions. If you wish to keep your blood pressure in check, you should consider grabbing medications containing passion flower as an ingredient.

For inflammation and hemorrhoids


Throughout history, passion flower isn’t just devoured. Passion flower cemented its name as a topical antidote for burns, inflammation and hemorrhoids. In Europe and America, they used to compress the blooms on the affected part of the body or added to your bath for extra comfort and relaxation. The next time you have skin irritation, you might consider lazing in a bath full of passion flowers to relieve soreness or simply sedate yourself to a sound sleep.

For dual treatment methods


Researching about passion flowers brought the conclusion of its versatility. Although it’s more of a feature than a benefit, it’s worth mentioning that passiflora provides greater convenience and far-reaching use with is a flexible character. Treating your ailments is as simple as drinking a cup of tea, a supplement or simpler methods of topical compress or dousing in a passion flower bath. This provides you with better alternatives and convenient usage whatever may your aches be about.

For hormonal balance and reproduction


Caucasian woman having painful period cramps

This comes as a surprise! With its calming effect, it relieves women from the stress during the menopausal stages. In addition, it helps women sleep and relax from the changes in the cycle. However, when infused with other natural ingredients such as those found in Privita by Revicore, it can help you have a healthier menstrual flow. In effect, it supports for good reproductive health condition. Men, with imbalanced hormones, may also benefit from Privita containing passion flowers ingredients. This would allow them to maintain the right levels of hormones. And thus, keeping them healthy and well-functioning.

Benefits of Passion Flower

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