Job Burnout (How to Lessen and Stay motivated)-Revicore

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September 28, 2020

Job Burnout (How to Lessen and Stay motivated)-Revicore

Why does someone feel burnout? What would be the possible outcome of constant stress and discomfort when it comes to mental health?

Before giving you the gist with all the aid for lessening the stress or any job-related issues, we need to dive into more what is the meaning of being burnt out.

What is Burnout?

According to, “Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.”

The feeling of not being able to acquire the motivation to live life outside of required work or chores. This is when you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally drained all the time. Anyone who is frequently exposed to day-to-day stressors is very susceptible to burning out. 

However, an unfulfilling job or career can also lead to draining. This is called job burnout, it is the common reason why most people just feel they want to leave their job. Because the pressure is not equal to the salary for the efforts they’ve been providing, it usually leads to unmotivated working hours, the feeling of exhaustion, and just by hearing the word “work” itself might be overwhelming. 

Here are some notes to keep you motivated under the pressure.

  • Create an organized working schedule, don’t procrastinate. 

Sometimes working an unfulfilling job might be a little overwhelming and not enjoyable as is, and procrastinating will add up that “unwillingness” to work.  Make your own system to adjust your time for work and leisure or breaks.  Set a timetable to create a whole new different attitude towards your working ethics.

You can try the Pomodoro Technique, this is perfect for those who are easily distracted and overworking people. Pomodoro is a technique that helps you manage your time, you can break your tasks into 25-minute chunks and have some short and long breaks within the working time.  You can set up a desktop timer for a full 25-minute concentration for a specific task and a 5-minute break after the first 25-minute work. You can log on to Pomofocus for the self-timer and it will also automatically shift to the short and 15-minute long break.

This technique will help you be more productive and efficient with all the tasks for the day. 

  • Take a long break after work. 

Be with nature or what you love to do. You can take a break by listening to some calming music or a meditation guide available on audio players or online. It will replenish your energy by calming yourself down with all the hard work you put into the tasks in a day. Taking time for yourself is very essential to keep you motivated enough for your working schedule. Step away from your desktop to create that break from your thoughts about your unfinished tasks, it will allow you to breathe and create that space for yourself towards your work.

  • Don’t work beyond your working hours. 

Although companies have overtime payments, still taking long hours at work can make you feel dreadful for the workdays, you need to maintain a healthy balance for work and your personal life. You can make the tasks done within your working hours by taking the steps of managing your time. Lessen your time on unnecessary things while at work. Create that routine wherein you can delegate your time for necessary tasks. Working smart can make you be more productive than usual.

  • Change your approach to your work life.

Change the way you think about your work, create an atmosphere of thoughts wherein it can help you become the person you want to be. Try to encourage yourself and ask yourself the reason why you started this journey. Make yourself be more open to the possibilities and the opportunities. Instead of complaining about the things that stress you out, you can change the way your mind works by focusing on the tasks you accomplished and the smallest achievements or changes you had. Being kind to yourself by giving little compliments can lead you a long way! 


Set a time in a day to meditate, do yoga, or quick exercise! There are exercise routines to help you be moving! You can look for a YouTube video for a cardio workout, dance routine, or even a helpful meditation guide. 

To help you with your exercise routine, take a dietary supplement to help you have the holistic balance you need. Revicore Rezen helps support the nervous system with natural ingredients that assist the body with its overt and dangerous reactions to stress. With a healthy diet and exercise regularly, Revicore Rezen will help you achieve a stress-free mind.

But one thing is important, if the symptoms persist or you have shown signs of consistent discomfort with regards to overwhelming negative emotions towards your work and lifestyle, it would be best to seek professional help. It is important to recognize the symptoms and differences between stress and being burnout.

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