Five Tips to Maintain a Healthy Skin

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August 16, 2018
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Five Tips to Maintain a Healthy Skin


Before blowing your candles on your 40th birthday, you stand in front of the mirror and see your reflection — already wrinkled. Then reality knocks, you are getting old. That is when you start to miss the feeling of looking at a fine young lady whose skin radiates as the gleam of sunlight passes through your window. But what if I tell you that there are things you can do to maintain a healthy skin — one that is glowing and age-defying?

Though there is no magic to keep the fountain of youth functioning, there are ways for you to beat all cells damaging your skin and maintain a youthful glow. This does not always involve clinical intensive care. In fact, it’s more on incorporating discipline in your daily acts and acing the basics.

What can I do to maintain a healthy skin?

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Your skin, being the first layer of your body, functions as a covering and shield from germs. While most people say that beauty is only skin-deep, there is always that dire need for us to pamper ourselves and look as pleasing as we can ever be — and that includes, dashing away from the chances of getting thinner, drier, and wrinkled skin.

In an advanced world, clinical services have developed technologies such as skin-toning devices, laser and light therapies, and even UV ray devices to which people find complete convenience with. But most people would still opt for the simplest and most practical ways to keep their healthy skin.

Drinking more water.

Water keeps one hydrated. With this fact alone, drinking more water is never a surprising way of keeping a healthier body covering. An adequate amount of water-intake works effectively in aiding all functions of your body organs such as better digestion, blood circulation, and even excretion. By drinking enough, you do not need to worry on perspiring a lot because you know that even when you have released a maximum amount of sweat, you are never close to getting dehydrated and worse, dry skin.

Limiting sun exposure.  

There is nothing wrong with loving summer and hitting the beach on weekends for a tan. Our body needs Vitamin D to enhance normal bone functioning and that is why we are required to embrace sunlight. However, you just have to know that it is also important to limit your sun exposure as too much of it can damage your skin cells through maximum UV ray penetration.

Bathing in shorter, cooler showers.

At times, we might want to soak ourselves in a tub filled with steamy water to relieve stress. We find it highly relaxing especially after a long and stressful day at work. But did you know that long, hot water dips can dry our skins and even wash away our protective oils? This can also cause breaking of our skin, especially during winter season. Sometimes even, it causes irritation.

Eating cleaner meals.

Your food intake has its way of keeping healthier skin, especially when you decide to go for foods rich in antioxidants and foods which are organic. A research has stipulated how the meals we eat can affect our hormonal balance, acne situation and skin inflammation which is mostly associated with skin ageing. To maintain a healthy skin once has to go for food such as avocados, blueberries, and spinach among others.

Taking in Supplements for Healthy Skin.

There are lots of natural supplements which help fight wrinkling and ageing. A highly suggested supplement is Revicore Repairzyme. This contains herbs and minerals designed to help repair cells and tissues of the body. Thus, rejuvenating one’s skin for a more radiant-looking glow.

Revicore Repairzyme

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Revicore’s Repairzyme is a supplement with herbs and minerals designed to help repair cells and tissues of the body.*

Muscles and tendons can easily be strained due to sports or exercise activities. In addition, our skin and other tissues often can benefit from specific forms of supplemental nutrition. This formula helps support the muscles and provides nutrient support for healthy skin, tissue repair, and overall muscular, skeletal, and tissue health.


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