7 Unexpected Benefits of Green Tea Leaf

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7 Unexpected Benefits of Green Tea Leaf

Green Tea Leaf Benefits

Your body never stops working. You are a super machine performing the most complicated biological, chemical and physical processes that keep you going. Amazing as it sounds, the body is not flawed. A powerful engine like yours should also be well-maintained. How? You have an almost unlimited source of healthy food to keep you efficient— starting off with our basic go-to health drink, green tea.

What’s in a leaf?

what's in a leaf

Growing up to two (2) inches long, a green tea leaf contains a certain level of caffeine alongside some effective antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, catechins, theanine, and saponins among all others that maintain you able-bodied.

Green teas retain much of its nutrients primarily because it’s less processed. It is picked, steamed and fried preserving the antioxidant polyphenols and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and all the healthy elements responsible for the health benefits of green teas.

Surprisingly, green and black tea comes from the same plant genus, the evergreen shrub camellia sinensis. The variety used to make green teas is the camellia sinensis sinensis that grows under cool temperatures originating from the mountainous parts of China.

Why green tea leaf?

Green Tea Leaf as Supplement Ingredient

Make you smarter




Though not as much as your coffee does, green tea leaves also contain caffeine. Having this a lesser amount of caffeine is just right to catalyze the production of important chemicals that improve your alertness, brain functions, your mood, and concentration. With your mind working fitly, you will be able to cope with the exacting use of your brain in order to function efficiently.


Provides antioxidants



We are in constant threat of toxin attacks! Green tea leaves combat these harmful elements with its rich disease-fighting antioxidants. Yes, the leaves create wonders on the other parts of the body as much as in your brain. Specifically, polyphenols flush out toxins from your bodies by hunting down cell-damaging agents and detoxifying it.


Helps reduce weight

Weightloss Tip


One of the compelling reasons why you should include tea in your diet is its weight reduction benefit. Caffeine, with other chemicals like flavonoids found in your green tea, is a great metabolic enhancer. It facilitates the first crucial steps for fat burning through boosting the fat-busting hormones. Its effect is especially forceful when coupled with exercise.

Lowers diabetes

Lowers Diabetes



The same hormone, that fights off harmful cells and increases metabolism, also helps in lowering the development of diabetes. Studies confirmed that green tea leaves holding caffeine and high polyphenols levels can manage the advancement of diabetes. These substances regulate the glucose that is vital for disease prevention. So the next time you think of going for a drink get a cup of green tea.

Protects the heart

healthy heart



When you thought that green tea has already given it all, I’ll surprise you when I say it’s also good for the heart. Green tea leaves are considered “pure” among the other tea varieties because it has undergone minimal processing with no oxidation. It limits the production of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, which cause fat build-up in your body.

Cares for the eyes

eye protection



Flavonoids in green teas are a powerful chemical that also benefits your eyes. It acts as protection from the sun’s rays as it absorbs gallocatechin specific to flavonoids. Your regular intake of green teas helps prevent cataract formation, glaucoma and macular decay.

Support for men and women

support for men and women

A difficult monthly menstrual cycle is a reality for some women, while high estrogen levels for men. All these can be very problematic for reproductive health. Green tea leaves in concert with other natural health food like pomegranate, peppermint, chamomile, Reishi mushroom, and Astragalus as contained Privita from Revicore improves hormonal balance in the body. Hormone balance is crucial not only to your reproduction but also to your overall physical and emotional well-being.



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