Your Quick Guide to the Benefits of Eggshell Membrane

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Your Quick Guide to the Benefits of Eggshell Membrane


Completing a week of healthy breakfast means an egg or two is up somewhere on the table. Aside from delightful taste, your favorite breakfast staple proved time and again that it is a powerhouse food item.

It brings health benefits from the shell to the yolk. But today, we’ll look into a neglected part of the egg that you might not know to have powerful effects as a dietary or food supplement.

Haven’t guessed it yet? I’m talking about the eggshell membrane.

What about the eggshell membrane?


Hard-boiled eggs are my absolute favorite egg dish. However, it sometimes irks me because it takes time to devour the thing. I have to peel off the thin white film-like wrap that covers the egg whites, and it doesn’t come off easily!

That thin wrap I despise is actually the eggshell membrane.

(Don’t worry about removing them because cooked membrane does not have the same nutritional effects.)

It is the divide between the egg shell and the egg white. In the egg anatomy, this membrane serves as the protection against bacteria. The eggshell membranes contain important contents required for a stronger body, such as fibrous proteins like collagen Type I, bioactive elements, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin among many others.

Significant research and innovation produced a patented solution with an eggshell membrane as a star ingredient. With the introduction of Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) matrix, several food supplements and items incorporate it as a treatment against joint pains and for strengthening the cartilages, tissues, and combating inflammations.

With the development of NEM, what health benefits can you get from eggshell membranes? Here are four you should note:  

A great source of collagen


Collagen is creating waves in the beauty industry.

All is for good reasons.

A skin care routine including collagen into the mix brings amazing beauty benefits. It’ll give you a more vibrant skin as it improves its elasticity. You’ll also see improvements on the clarity of skin ironing wrinkles and preventing breakouts.

Food supplements containing NEM moves beyond the surface, and down to your bones and joints. Aside from keeping the pain away, it corrects and maintains body structure by enhancing your connective tissues and block pain-causing inflammations.

Relieves your joint pains


Pain makes us feel alive. But, this may also signify ailments.

One common pain or discomfort you might experience is joint pains. While some may not be chronic, others are signs of serious conditions.

Regardless of its cause, the pain can be upsetting.

The NEM matrix has powerful contents from collagen to glycosaminoglycans to glycoproteins useful to fight off the pain in your joints. What also makes NEM a standout from pain-relieving medication is its fast-acting effect that lasts for days.

Helps build stronger cartilage


As you engage in repeated strenuous physical activities, the connecting tissue in between our joints breaks down. The slow breakage results to what we know as osteoarthritis that also occurs with old age, the pressure from the weight and an impact from accidents.

When osteoarthritis creeps in, you’ll definitely scream for help with the pain and stiffness.

NEM supplement intake, in several studies, shows positive results of pain alleviation from cartilage breakdown among the test subjects. The supplement ensures that there is enough cushion for your joints to keep you moving!

Lubricates the joints


It’s not enough for NEM to just make cartilages stronger or impedes pain. It also has to give enough lubrication for your joints, completing a joint wellness solution.

Growing older or gaining extra weight or being in an accident can reduce the cartilage between the bones (as discussed). That is why extra care and supplement is necessary to keep those joints well-oiled.

When taking NEM dietary supplements, you provide your body with better shock absorbing capacity. This ability, in turn, relieves you from the pain that comes from impact and rubbing of joints for wider range movements.


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