Top 5 Drinks to Aid in Your Digestion

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August 6, 2018
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Top 5 Drinks to Aid in Your Digestion


You may be eating a lot of healthy food and drinking the healthiest fruit juice you may know. But research suggests that if your digestive system has dysfunctional parts, the nutrients that your body intakes would be less efficient no matter how much healthy food you eat. That is why it is important that you check on the imbalances in your digestion every now and then.

Your digestive system is responsible for moving food and liquid through your gastrointestinal tract and breaking of food to make sure that your body receives all bits of the nutrients you intake. The signs that you may need to watch out to know whether imbalances are present in your digestion may include those which may be commonly experienced by most people such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea and vomiting and belly pains.

The Healthy Digestion Drinks

Besides the natural digestive aid, water, there are other drinks which are deemed to be highly effective in boosting up your digestive health and even with your metabolism. Some of these are top pick drinks when it comes to weight loss as well.


Based in a study from 2007, Apple Cider Vinegar intake has been associated with weight loss effects after a group of 10 people with type 1 diabetes took a serving of pudding with water containing 2 tablespoons of ACV. As a result, there was a slower rate of gastric emptying and thus, keeping these people with fuller feeling such that there had been a reduction in food intake.


Besides the fact that lemons are actually a good source of vitamin C, lemons are also known to be good detoxifiers. This is because of the alkaline pH of lemon which has the ability to create a better home for good bacteria and thus, helping your digestive tract. By drinking lemon water, indigestion is relieved by the released sodium bicarb contents into your small intestine.


Gingers have healing properties. Traditionally, these are for stomach problems, and even morning sickness during pregnancy — although the latter remains controversial as pregnant women should take this type of tea with caution to prevent miscarriage. Ginger tea also helps improve the function of one’s lower esophageal sphincter. With this, your intestinal tract is at a relaxing state and free from the intestinal gas. Thus, it has been said to also aid in digestion.


We may have already heard of the multiple benefits brought by consuming Avocado. One of which is how effective Avocado is in boosting up one’s digestive health. Avocados are rich in natural fiber. There is no doubt how an Avocado shake can be a good recommendation for drinks aiding in one’s digestion. You may also add some spinach in your shake or green smoothie.


Peppermint is a herbal superfood that is capable of increasing one’s metabolism. Thus, it brings in weight loss benefits for you. Making a tea out of it would surely be a good aid in your digestion. In addition, it also promotes your health by enhancing your immunity.  Peppermint tea also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Revicore Foundation Package

Our bodies naturally have digestive capabilities. Without imbalances, the functions within our systems run as effectively. But we can never deny that there are times when we experience digestive problems. Besides the drinks mentioned above, one can also take supplements such as our Revicore Digest to boost one’s digestive health. Our Digest works better with two other supplements — Protease and Probiotics. These three comprise our Foundation package which helps in digestion, absorption of nutrients, energy production, improving circulation, detoxification, maximizing metabolism and a lot more.  

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