8 Benefits of Bamboo Whole Plant Extracts Best for You

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November 15, 2018
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8 Benefits of Bamboo Whole Plant Extracts Best for You

Revicore and Bamboo Extract

Growing taller than some trees, fascinatingly,  A bamboo is part of a grass family. It is among the fast-growing plants in the world thriving under different weather conditions, making it a symbol of strength and flexibility. However, you just don’t benefit from bamboo’s inspiring characteristics. These giant grasses also provide a multitude of health benefits, eight of which I’ve  discussed below:

Bamboo Whole Plant Extracts Benefits


Brings luscious locks back to life




If you’ve got your hair thinning faster than the speed of light, lathering or quaffing some bamboo extracts may do some good with those wilted manes. The silica mineral, abundant in bamboos, helps strengthen the hormones and increases nutrient absorption necessary for keeping the hair healthier and thicker.  When you rub the extracts like when you do with shampoo, it removes the dead cells from the scalp, leaving a reinvigorated scalp ready for better hair growth.

Iron out wrinkling skin




You cannot stop the course of time, but we can iron out the years in our life as imprinted on your skin. Not that you need a dermatology to deal with your wrinkles, a natural treatment with bamboo extracts can help a lot! No, bamboo extracts are not the famed elixir of youth. It simply contains the powerful silica compound. The same mineral that rejuvenates the hair also detoxifies the skin. This mineral compound clears out dirt from the skin surface, minimizing the deterioration process. Its collagen-synthesizing nature likewise enhances the elasticity of the skin.    

Fuels your memory




Bamboo whole plant extract cuts across cosmetics and beauty to the realm of mental well-being. Adding to the increasing benefits of silica, the mineral aids in improving your cognitive functioning. It toughens up the tissues in the brain and the spinal cord that can do wonders to your memory. A study on rats yield results showing how it advances the spatial memory of those having dementia.  

Aid against poison and venom




The first thing that you might want to do when you get bitten by a venomous snake or stung by a lethal scorpion is to siphon the blood by mouth. Stop! It’ll just aggravate the situation by having more of you in danger of poisoning. In the early times, old healing systems have shown that bamboo extracts were used as anti-venom treatment. Bamboo extracts come in handy against poison and venom from snake bites or scorpion stings to provide the first level of aid.

Speeds up wound healing




We tend to disregard small or mild scrapes and wounds knowing the natural healing process of our body. But, improper or untreated wounds can result in greater complications especially infections.  Among the medications, you can use to expedite wound healing are bamboo extracts. Bamboo contains poultice with medicinal properties as antibiotic and antimicrobic. Hence, its shoots are often applied as a wound cleaning solution to prevent any infection.

Fights off cancer-causing elements




We all believe that prevention is way better than cure, especially if it’s cancer we are talking about. Part of the health features of a bamboo extract is its capacity to fight off cancer-causing elements. A shot of bamboo extracts can boost your armor against cancer-causing elements. Dietary supplements with bamboo extracts.

Invigorates your alertness




If you find your sluggishness is affecting school or work, you may need more than just a self-pep talk to keep you focused. Improved your performance with your studies or work with bamboo whole plant extracts. Whether you place it on a tea or take in dietary supplements, the bamboo extracts can trigger brainwaves production to improve your sharpness.

Relaxing aromatherapy treatment




There is nothing like capping a long day with an aromatherapy treatment. You can fill your bath with a few drops or use the oil for a message to relax those tightened muscles and muddled mind.

Take Away

Revicore and Bamboo Extract

Knowing all of these health benefits, there is no doubt that supplements with bamboo plant extract as an ingredient just like most of our Revicore products are highly recommendable. People who would want to look and feel healthier than ever would most likely find this in choosing which supplements would they trust their body’s internal elements with.

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