Acne Breakout Home Remedies that You Should Know

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Acne Breakout Home Remedies that You Should Know

Acne Breakout - Revicore

Acne breakouts often come as a tease — you got a huge event coming up? They start to show a week before. Thought that you’ve got enough rest? They pop out of nowhere! Whether it be a mild or severe breakout, most of us are always tempted to pinch these pimples and create even bigger skin concerns which are a big no-no.

Acne explained

Acne Breakout - Revicore

We all hear different terms such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts and these are all considered as the types of acne one may have encountered. While others claim acne to occur during puberty, one must know that this is actually a chronic, inflammatory skin condition. Although it isn’t dangerous for anyone, this can actually leave your skin with scars — and this is something that you may not want to happen, right?

Sebum, an oily liquid produced by glands, is responsible for carrying dead skin cells through our follicles, where small hair is expected to grow through. When the follicles are blocked, oil starts to clog up under our skins. When this happens, pimples start to grow and worse, develop even more when this clogging or otherwise coined as a plug gets infected with bacteria. Thus, resulting to acne breakdown.

There are also other triggers for acne such as androgen and lithium, cosmetics, hormonal changes, stress and menstruation.

Acne Breakout Home Remedies

Acne treatment may depend on its severity. Mild acne may be treated with soaps or other topical treatment such as creams and lotions. One may also take over-the-counter medicines with specific active ingredients as prescribed by your doctor. On one hand, moderate to severe acne may need you to see a skin specialist or a dermatologist.

In addition, mild acne may be remedied by some of these suggestions:

Tea-tree oil

Acne breakout tree-tea oil

Using a cotton swab, one can use a tea-tree oil to remedy acne because of its natural inflammation-fighting property. In fact, based on research, 5 percent of this oil may help treat acne just as some medications with 5-percent Benzoyl solution in it.

Green Tea

Acne breakout Green Tea

Besides weight loss, green tea may also be used to treat acne breakout because of its antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds. In addition, polyphenols from tea may help reduce sebum production. To use this, you may use the dry bag of tea and lay it over the affected area or use a cool cup of green tea for facial wash.


Acne breakout Honey

With its cleansing property along with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, honey is also one of the suggested topical home remedies for acne. This has the ability to reduce acne swelling and even kill the bacteria causing such. For this, you may apply one teaspoon of honey to the affected area.


Acne Breakout Chamomile tea

One of the best ways to prevent acne is to give yourself some good rest and get enough sleep. Chamomile tea, also famous as a sleep enhancer drink, is therefore among the list of home remedies for acne breakout. Bring 2 chamomile tea bags into a boil for 15 minutes then leave it to cool. Using a cotton ball, dip and dab the chamomile tea on your face after washing it.



There are a lot of supplements that are best designed to repair cells and tissues such as Revicore Repairzyme. This supplement contains well-tolerated ingredients in Advanced repair which are selected from naturally nutrient-dense food such as broccoli and other freeze-dried vegetables. With this, you do not only get to prevent acne breakout, but you also get yourself a healthier, more glowing skin.

Ways to prevent Acne


Some acne may be genetic, based on research. And while it’s inevitable for some people, there are ways for you to prevent breakouts and flash around with a healthier looking skin.

  • Wash your face more often with warm water.
  • When pimples start to show, never scrub your skin or burst it.
  • Never pop your pimples
  • Wash your hands frequently and if possible, refrain from touching your face.
  • Don’t get too much sun exposure.
  • When wearing makeup, avoid oil-based products and be sure to remove the makeup before sleeping.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Stress can cause acne too, as much as possible, be sure to find time to relax.

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