6 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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6 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Behind every happy smile is a heart that beats excitingly and the radiance of a happy heart does show in the eyes of an individual or in someone’s glowing skin and bouncy hair. And this is not just because someone’s in love, these are just signs of a healthy heart. There are many reasons why we all should double our efforts in keeping our heart healthy — To name one, a good heart can bring about one great and long life.

A Culprit of Most Deaths

“He looked great and had great energy,” Ed Alonzo, a magician present during the last rehearsal of the late Michael Jackson said. The next morning, Jackson did not come out of his bedroom — that was June 25, 2009 — the day Michael’s heart had stopped beating.

Michael Jackson

Michael is just one of the few prominent people who had been reported to have died from a cardiac arrest. From then until today, heart disease has remained to be the leading cause of deaths in the U.S. for both men and women. More than 62 million Americans have been diagnosed with different forms of cardiovascular disease — these diseases generally refer to conditions pertaining to your heart’s muscles, valves or rhythm and those wherein blood vessels may be narrowed or blocked which could lead to chest pains and worst, heart attacks.

A traitor — it would seem. You wouldn’t really think of a simple shortness of breath as a symptom of heart disease because it is sometimes just a normal reaction for someone who just had his 45-minute jog. Others may even experience pains in the neck, jaw, throat or back and would never expect that these are already symptoms of a cardiovascular disease.

That is why it is important for someone to always have a regular check-up and watch out for the symptoms of this illness which has the ability to cut the running of horizontal zigzag lines in a snap. Above all, one must know the simplest things he can do to keep his heart healthy.

How Do You Keep Your Heart Healthy?

“Who is at risk for a heart disease?” remains to be a question most people would ask. It’s easy to answer this question by saying that most of the time, people who are at higher risk are those with a family history of this condition. Others would say that those at higher risk are the ones who smoke and don’t get too much movement daily. But the brutal truth is, everyone is at risk for it. However, there are many things one can do to lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases;

    1. A Healthy Daily Plate. A healthy meal means taking in foods which bring in a great amount of nutrients into your body system. The nutrients that you take have the ability to build and repair your tissues, regulate body functions and provide you with the energy that you need. Today, there are many tips on how to get yourself a clean diet. And while many guides are available just about anywhere, it is always good that you consider seeking help from a nutritionist to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrition that your body needs.healthy plate
    2. Move around. Every day, make it a habit to stand up and move around your home or do some workout routines to make sure that you keep your body’s physical health in an active state. Do not just sit around all day and be a couch potato. Go out and get a kiss from the sun on an early morning by doing a 30-minute jog in the park. That way, you are not only able to sweat out, you are also able to aid your body systems to function well.MOVE AROUND
    1. Be Smoke-free. A temporary escape for some — that’s how most would describe the feeling of a taking a puff from a cigarette. But smoking, in most research, happens to cause a major risk in most heart diseases as this damages mainly one’s heart and blood vessels. Whether you be the smoker or a secondhand smoker (someone who inhales the smoke from another person smoking), the damages are the same. So as much as possible, strive in being smoke-free.SMOKE FREE
    2. Be watchful of your weight. Being watchful of your health does not only mean you’d have to stay fit to look good. It also means that you work really hard to make sure that you maintain a healthy body by maintaining the weight accounted to your body mass index. Maintaining your weight also helps you deal away with unhealthy fats which reduces the risk of other health problems such as those caused by high cholesterol levels.WEIGHT WATCH
    3. Be Stress-free. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks. Get a nap or breathe the anxiousness caused by the stresses of piled paperwork in the office. Practice organizing the things you’ll need to do according to the weight of its urgency to make sure that you could deal away from the stresses of having to multitask or cover for overdue tasks. Being stress-free also means that you need to get enough rest or sleep to make sure that your body systems would function well.BE STRES FREE - REVICORE
    4. Schedule regular check-ups. An apple a day may keep the doctor away but there is really nothing wrong with seeking professional help when it comes to your health matters. Regularly, see to it that you get a schedule for monthly or quarterly check-ups to check on your blood levels perhaps, and get advice from a doctor who helps you a lot in maintaining a healthier body especially for your heart’s condition.REGULAR CHECK UPS - REVICORE

Take away

Your circulatory or cardiovascular system, powered by your heart, is responsible for delivering nutrients, oxygen, and hormones throughout your body through the blood flowing in your blood vessels. Besides transportation of these important elements in your body, your cardiovascular system also protects your body by fighting the pathogens entering it and lastly, it aids in the regulation of several internal conditions. And besides doing all the things listed above to lower the risks of heart diseases, you may also promote your cardiac health by taking in a supplement such as Revicore’s Protease IFC which comes with highly active proteolytic enzymes and antioxidants to help regulate inflammation anywhere in the body. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Keep your heart healthy and live a happier life.


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