5 Ways to Cope Up with Work-related Stress

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5 Ways to Cope Up with Work-related Stress


Work-related Stress Experienced by Professionals — Considering the several hours of work, heavy workload, tight deadlines, inadequate working environment, fewer promotional opportunities, poor relationship with colleagues, and many more, work-related stress is not something new to any worker. This kind of stress can be physical, psychological and behavioral.

The following are some of the known symptoms of work-related stress:


  • Fatigue
  • Muscular Tension
  • Headaches
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Discouragement & Pessimism
  • Irritability
  • Increased sick days or absenteeism
  • Aggression
  • Dropping work performance

A study by the American Institute of Stress, it has been highlighted that 80% of American workers felt stress on the job and nearly half of this percentage need help in learning about stress management.

Weight gain leading to overweight or obesity, hypertension, Gastrointestinal problems, diabetes can come as a result of too much stress.  Worse cases happen when this stress is not relieved.

How to Deal With Work-Related Stress

There is no way work-related stress can disappear in just a day but there are many things a working individual can do to help ease out this kind of mind dilemma and bring back a positive and effective psychological health.

Power Naps

People who are stressed may be deprived of sleep. This is because of the mind not able to be in a peaceful state thinking about all the deadlines one should observe. In this case. taking short breaks at work is a great way to recharge. A research from Sorbonne University in Paris says that a brief nap has a positive impact on one’s hormones.

Better Responses

better responses - revicore

Developing healthier responses to stress can help in reducing the bigger risk that this mental issue can cause. For instance, instead of getting shots of alcohol to fight stress or hitting a fast food restaurant for stress-eating, you opt for an hour of soothing massage. Others would also rather relieve the stress by going for a physical activity such as jogging or boxing.

Track what stresses you

track what stresses you - revicore

What you do not know often opens the door for stress. After a week’s work, try jotting down all the things that caused you to feel the stress at work and also write down how you responded to it and how you could respond better. Go through your journal weekly and see whether the cases have gone real worse or things got better. Should the cases go wrong and you feel the need to get support, this tracker would also help a lot when you share your concern to a trusted individual.

Go on a vacation

go on a vacation - revicore

Reward yourself with a short vacation. Go to a place which best relaxes you or you could go and explore some places you’ve never been to. Taking a break to unwind is never a sin in any workplace. This is the best time you could see all the positive things life has to offer you and it brings in so much positive vibes to your mood and mind’s state.

Add Nutritional Support

Nutritional support - revicore

Besides incorporating cleaner and healthier meals to your diet, adding nutritional support by considering supplements best enrich your body’s internal environment and thus, giving it the benefit to rejuvenate or repair your cells, enhance your body’s immune system and a lot more.

Revicore Rezen

Relieve Stress with Rezen

Revicore Rezen was created to beat the ongoing battle of people against the 21st-century stress which greatly affects one’s health. This dietary supplement supports the nervous system with gentle and natural ingredients. Thus, aiding the body in dealing with its reactions to stress.

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