5 Tips for Stronger Immunity

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5 Tips for Stronger Immunity

5 Tips for A Stronger Immunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has created worries for people all over the world. As of May 12, 2020, there have been 4,328,598 cases and 291,894 deaths recorded worldwide. While the curve has not yet flattened, it is best that we double our efforts in protecting ourselves by staying at home and doing all the best that we can to have stronger immunity.

If you do not know where to start, read these 5 great tips that can make your body warriors stronger and better.

5 Tips for Stronger Immunity

Having a strong immunity during these trying times is our best guard to fight off the virus and be healthy. And even after this pandemic, a strong immunity helps us stay functional and even helps us in minimizing the costs of medications.

Tip No. 1: Choose a Healthy Lifestyle Suitable for You and Your Environment

Healthier Lifestyle for Stronger Immunity

To ensure a stronger immunity, you must evaluate your lifestyle. Are you eating the right kind and the right amount of food? Do you exercise regularly? Are you getting enough sleep? After you have evaluated your lifestyle, identify the areas where you need to improve. Check your food options, too. It would help if you can have a weekly meal plan patterned from a plant-based diet. It sure helps you a lot, especially during these trying times!

Not only do you need to reconsider what goes inside your body but also what you do with your body. Avoid smoking and illegal drugs. If you drink alcohol, consume it in moderate amounts only. Also, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Are you near a poultry farm or a factory? A study published by Frontiers in Immunology described the effect of the environment  (biological and chemical hazards) on shaping the immune system development. Although you might not feel the effect immediately, it is a great factor influencing your body’s response to threats. 

Tip No. 2: Make Time for Stress-Relieving Activities

5 Tips for Stronger Immunity

Changing your diet and lifestyle is not enough to boost your immune system. Stress can affect how your body functions. Today’s pandemic might also cause you to be anxious and stressed, that is why it is important to take a break especially when you can’t take it anymore. A social media detox may be one of the simplest things you can do to relieve stress. If you are someone who’s actually working from home, take short breaks, and do some activities that make you happy. After all, life needs a balance of work and fun. 

Aside from that, doing stress-relieving activities clears your mind from pressure. The buildup of stress can actually lead to anxiety and depression. Although you cannot totally eliminate the sources of stress, you can do a relaxation response such as yoga and meditation exercises. 

Tip No. 3: Practice Good Hygiene

5 Tips for Stronger Immunity

With the COVID-19 threat, people are encouraged to wash their hands regularly and observe regular disinfection, wash their clothes as soon as they reach home, and even to take a bath before touching anything at home. It should be a must though, even in the absence of this pandemic, that you practice good hygiene in order to protect you and your family from microbes or viruses and stay healthy. Taking a bath daily, brushing teeth after every meal, and changing bedsheets once a month are just some of the things you can do. Bringing along with you a small alcohol bottle or sanitizer can also help you with avoiding infection. 

Tip No. 4: Check Your Vaccination Records

5 Tips for Stronger Immunity

The COVID-19 pandemic that the world faces this year is just one of the diseases that we get from pathogenic-causing organisms. The best armor that we have against it is to let our immune system recognize the pathogen and train them on how to fight it. This can be done by vaccination. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control has an immunization chart and you can check it for reference on the different vaccines available. Review your medical records if you have received a certain vaccination shot in the past. 

Also, you need to check vaccination records when you travel outside the country. Adapting to a new environment might not be easy for your immune system. Having an underlying condition makes you more vulnerable to diseases. It is necessary to get vaccinated as an added protection. 

Tip No. 5: Take Supplements

Revicore Foundation Kit

Depending on the diet plan you choose, some may not be enough for you to reach the level of nutrients your body needs. Also, unexpected circumstances that make you skip meals can totally ruin your fitness goals. Or maybe even, the supply of certain food not readily available in the community can be another hindrance. That is why taking supplements is your best option. Aside from the additional nutrients you get, some supplements are packed with the right ingredients to help give you a stronger immunity especially during this pandemic. With that being said, you can always count on Revicore products for a boost in your immune system. 

Supplements made by Revicore are hormone-free and non-allergenic. Our products are focused on your health and can help you boost your immune system. Plus, Revicore supplements are cost-friendly. You can avail of our Revicore foundation package that consists of a dietary supplement and an enzyme supplement. You may also want to protect your gut as it is essential in keeping your body functions in a good state. If you must know, studies state that obesity is one of the major risk factors of COVID-19.

Staying healthy does not need to hurt your wallet! In fact, it can be your best investment!

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