5 Surprisingly Effective Muscle Pain Remedy

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5 Surprisingly Effective Muscle Pain Remedy

You’ve probably heard of the percept “no pain, no gain.” In fact, by now, you’ve proven the truism even if you haven’t realized that yourself. After a day of jam-packed strenuous activity, you end up in bed feeling tortured. A big thanks to your pained muscles.

Why does this happen? And what should the muscle pain remedy be?

Here are five surprisingly simple ways to beat sore muscles after your workout.

The plight of the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

DOMS - revicore

Before you get the ball rolling, you have to understand what is it your going through to treat it better.

Now, you ask, why do muscles hurt after a workout?

Soreness of the muscle after hours or a couple days from the physical session is termed delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. It is a natural consequence of unfamiliar physical activities. It is likely to occur when you’ve done different exercise routines or when you increase the workout intensity than your usual.

There is micro-tearing of the muscles with a case of inflammation. As the muscles heal-up to become stronger and denser, you’ll feel the pain as its side effects.

It is perfectly normal to feel the ache after you do your exercises. But, you don’t have to live in discomfort. There are a few remedies that you can do to eliminate ulcerated muscles.

Suggested Muscle Pain Remedy



Cryotherapy - Revicore


Cryotherapy is a cold treatment method for health improvement. Researches on the method show that the cold temperature enhances blood circulation, minimizes inflammation and promotes speedy healing for injured and sore muscles.

A few famous names like Mayweather, Hugh Jackman, and Lebron James are notable for bathing in below-zero temperature as muscle pain remedy. For your muscle pains, there’s no need immerse your entire body in ice. Cryotherapy can be done topically through the age-old ice packs, cooling sprays, and ice massages.

Hydrate yourself


Water is indeed the key to life. Hydration is vital during a workout to maintain a good level of physical and mental performance.

Drinking lots of water is even more important after the exercise when the DOMS sets in. H2O helps in two ways. First, it helps release the toxins from your body. Secondly, it ensures that you don’t get dehydrated. The toxins and dehydration are made sore muscles extra painful.

Protein up


Help you muscle repair faster by eating up!

When doing vigorous workout sessions, the muscles tear up. To rebuild and regrow them, amino acids in the protein is highly essential. These amino acids have unique characteristics allowing it to go directly to your muscles, increasing the rate of repair and build-up.

Raid out your cupboards and find some food protein sources like egg whites and soy for optimal for muscle recovery. There’s nothing more comforting than a hearty meal post-workout.

Go for light activities


As much as you want to laze around with your throbbing muscles, a recovery workout can be a great muscle pain remedy when the DOMS is bothering you. It keeps your blood flowing preventing further muscle inflammation.

Instead of getting a total rest, several studies have shown that light activity one to two days after the exercise resulted in accelerated pained muscle recovery. You can try out some swimming, jogging, walking, and biking. Get up and keep moving!

Taking Protease IFC supplements

Muscle Pain Remedy - Protease IFC

When the external measures do not relieve you from the pangs, supplements with protease the Protease IFC  is your needed comfort. The protease is an active enzyme that helps with the digestive process and contains healthful elements, which benefits those having painful muscles.

This enzyme type also has properties that have shown capacities to speed the healing of tissue injuries, bruises, and fractures. Thus, effective in toning down the inflammation and reducing sore muscles after an exercise or sports.

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