5 Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving The Healthier Way

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5 Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving The Healthier Way


Thanksgiving can be about a lot of things.

Why not when it’s an anticipated event of the year!

It’s of warm family gathering, of delightful shopping, of lively football games, of decadent food (and even more delicious food) to show how grateful we are this year.

Also, you just need a great kick off for the Christmas season, right?

But, one thing you often do is call off the bets for the healthy routine you’ve put too much effort all year.

While devouring on the sweet pecan pie or drowning the Thanksgiving turkey with so much gravy is tempting, you have to remember the health hazards of transferring the Thanksgiving table on your plate.

Let this day about of health too! So here are five (5) reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving the healthier way (includes more than just food).  

Building up lots of calories


On average, Americans add one (1) pound during the holiday seasons. You can, of course, shed them off when you double time with diet and exercise after. However, imagine gaining one pound after one pound every year. It might accumulate to calorie build-up and leads to the unintended weight gain.

The Thanksgiving season is a very big excuse for cheat days. If you cannot let all the delectable food pass you by, you can lessen on your consumption to maintain your health. When you’re the one preparing for the dinner, you could revamp your old menu to include new and healthier one.

Getting the Holiday Heart Syndrome



Physicians observed a phenomenon common during the Thanksgiving season, where people with no records of heart illness develop atrial fibrillation or the irregular beating of the heart’s top chambers.


The excess alcohol intake. Recently, this syndrome is also associated with overeating and stress that comes with the Thanksgiving celebration.

Trips of the ER cut the festivities short.  So, to keep your Thanksgiving healthy, throw in a couple healthy entrées on the Thanksgiving menu. It also helps to make it as stress-free as possible.

Food poisoning mishap



Cooking for a banquet can be overwhelming that we tend to overlook through the food safety requirements. It’s not that we aren’t hygienic, but we forget or do away with certain rules that should be carried out when preparing food.

The next thing we know, we’re running through the hospital or helping a loved one while hurling on the bathroom sink.

Nobody wants a bad incident on this joyful affair. Thus, make sure that Thanksgiving star, turkey, is prepared in a way that eliminates contamination or spread of salmonella. Leftovers also have to be stored properly to be safe for eating.

Forgetting to take a rest



Thanksgiving fills the place with a lot of festivities and activities. There are heaps to do and see, and you haven’t even started on the menu yet!

You don’t enlist any help because you want to run the preparation perfectly. The problem is that the turkey is too heavy and cooking takes lots of standing and walking around. You also have to do all the shopping. In the end, you’re too stressed to actually enjoy the holidays.

If you really have to do all these things make sure you have the stamina for it. Take your supplements and don’t forget to hydrate yourself. You can also ask help so you don’t overexert yourself.  

Drinking not in moderation

drinking beer - revicore

As soon as the turkey goes into the oven, your wine cap pops open.

No holiday celebration is ever complete without the booze and spirits. It’s a huge part of the event, complimenting your Thanksgiving spread. It makes conversations extra sweet and the party more fun.

Whether you’re driving or just lounging at home, alcohol intoxication can be fatal. The best way to prevent this is to drink in moderation. Know your limits and stick to it. It’ll also be helpful to alternate between non-alcoholics.   

REVICORE: Your Best Friend for Healthier Thanksgiving

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